Home Security in Terrell, TX

Protecting your home and family begins with installing a high-quality home security camera system at your residence in Terrell, TX that provides 24/7 monitoring. Many of today’s criminals won’t think twice about breaking into a home, regardless of whether it’s occupied or not, which can put you and your family at greater risk of harm.

Grayson Pro-Tech takes a proactive role to home security, by offering the latest home camera systems and solutions for protecting your home and loved ones in Terrell, TX.

Find the Best Home Security Solutions for Your Home

Protect your home from intruders, theft, and property damage with well-designed home surveillance camera systems.

  • Trusted Solutions – Our security camera systems for home are built to deliver exceptional performance, durability and desired results. Our trusted camera systems come in high-resolution options that deliver sharp, detailed images, user-friendly interfaces, multiple recording modes, remote viewing, and easy offloading of video.
  • Customizable – We can customize your home security systems to meet your specific application and location needs. Every home and neighborhood is different, and may require a unique combination of systems in order to produce the best results.
  • High-Resolution Video – Most home burglaries go unsolved due to lack of evidence. A high-resolution video security system that enables you to zoom in on video can provide the sharp, detailed images needed for facial identification and court-admissible video evidence.
  • Remote Management – View and manage your video from anywhere – remotely! Remotely access and monitor your home’s video from the internet via your laptop, mobile device, or smartphone.

Protect Your Home from Break-ins and Theft

Across the US, there has been an increase in the number of home invasions and home burglaries. Strategically placed home security cameras and home video security systems can provide around-the-clock monitoring, and alert you if an intruder is trying to break into your home.

Front Door – The majority of thieves enter a home through the front door. Installing a security camera, with an unobstructed view of your front door, enables you to monitor visitors and activity.

  • Mounting the camera on the eaves of your roof on a single story or second story home, angled at the front door can provide coverage of the area.
  • A varifocal camera enables you to easily adjust the camera’s focal length and field of view.
  • Vandal-resistant security cameras provide protection against tampering and physical impact from thieves who may try to vandalize the camera to prevent being captured on video.

Back Door – Did you know that the back door is the second most popular area of entry for home burglaries? Installing a security camera with a clear view of the back door enables you to monitor this vulnerable entry point.

  • A vandal-resistant security camera can prevent tampering and provide protection against physical impact.
  • Make sure your back door security camera is unobstructed. Keep landscaping and shrubbery trimmed near back doors to ensure you capture any and all activity.
  • Vandal-resistant security cameras provide protection against tampering and physical impact from thieves who may try to vandalize the camera to prevent being captured on video.

Backyard – The backyard of your home is enticing for thieves to gain entry into your home, and steal high-ticket items from your property. Thieves can break-in and enter your home through backyard French doors or sliding glass patio doors.

  • Many thieves target backyards to steal lawn equipment, grills, recreational vehicles, and other items. Make sure you keep these items locked up and monitor the backyard and storage areas.
  • A high-resolution infrared camera (IR) camera can provide low light and nighttime surveillance capabilities.

Garage – Oftentimes thieves enter a home through an open or unlocked attached garage.

  • Always keep your garage door locked, even while you are home, and don’t keep your car in the driveway with the garage door opener inside, making it easy for a thief to enter your home.
  • Installing a video security camera with a clear view of the garage and driveway can help deter home break-ins and theft.
  • Motion detection recording can help you eliminate sifting through video footage where nothing is happening and reduce hard drive storage requirements.